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Pro's favourite 'Pond' in Western Australia

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With only a quick search on Google, you’ll find yourself inundated with videos of pro riders training at Safety Bay. Forty-Five minutes south of Perth, Safety Bay is recognised worldwide as a top-class kitesurfing destination. The reason; Safety Bay is a complete haven for kitesurfers thanks to its flat water conditions and sea breezes so regular you’d think they operate on schedule. Flatwater riding in a consistent 22knot Seabreeze is the norm here. Safe by name, safe by nature; this spot offers smooth cross-onshore winds, ideal riding conditions for all levels, and you can ride all day because the area is unaffected by tides. Safety Bay has plenty of kiteboarding options; from a sheltered flat water spot hidden behind a sand bar to expansive ocean areas, each with ideal and consistent wind conditions. During the morning, before the Seabreeze starts, there is plenty of wildlife to be seen around the Shoalwater Islands Marine Park and trips to Penguin Island can be arranged with local service providers. In the evenings, it’s easy to take yourself from a sunset kiting session to enjoying Freemantle or Perth’s vibrant nightlife and offerings of restaurants and live music.

Good to know

VISAS: Visa Required for those entering Australia, check local consulate for more details. CURRENCY: Australian Dollar (AUD/ A$) PRICES: Beer: A$9 (€5.75) Food: Lunch A$20-30 (€12-20) Accommodation: A$45-25 (€30-125) Kite Lessons: 6H private A$550 (€350); Kite Gear rental: $70 (€45) per hour, $120 (€76) per day LANGUAGE: English INTERNET: Recommended to get Local SIM card (Telstra). WiFi hotspots are available in most restaurants and malls. TRAVEL ADVICE: If you’re using a rental car, bring a car key lock box with you. TEMPERATURE: Water temperature increases from around 19ºC/66.2°F to 23ºC/73.4°F throughout the season and air temperature range from 28-35ºC/ 83-95°F. While wetsuits are not needed, a long sleeve rash vest and sun protection are recommended.

Getting there

NEAREST TOWN: Rockingham NEAREST CITY: Perth NEAREST AIRPORT: Perth (PER) Perth Airport is only 45 min away from the spot. You can get there by getting a train to Fremantle Train Station. From there Bus Route 920 departs every 15 minutes and will take you to Rockingham Bus Port. From Rockingham Bus Port: Route 114 to the corner of Safety Bay Road and Bent Street. Get off the bus when you see the kites. GETTING AROUND: Rental cars are the easiest way to get around, especially if you’re carrying your own kite gear.

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Safety Bay consists of two kitesurfing areas separated by a 2m tall dune peninsular: On the inner and most sheltered side, known as ‘The Pond’, the water is incredibly flat. In this area, there are no introductory lessons and beginners are advised not to ride in this area due to space constraints and the area being host to a freestyle training ground. On the ocean side, the water is sheltered from the swell and is flat with a small chop. This is the riding area for schools and independent beginner to intermediate riders. It is a large waist-deep are and a sandbar that enables beginners to walk back as far as they need while learning to get upwind. Each kitesurfing area has a sandy base. The outer bay also has a seaweed floor. Reef shoes are optional for this location. AMENITIES: Kite Schools, Launch area, Gear rental, Toilets, Showers, Cafe’s/Bars, Shop, Parking.


Winds in Safety Bay suit the afternoon kitesurfer. Throughout the morning the land heats up and by midday, the Seabreeze starts. Locally known as the ‘Freemantle Doctor’, the Seabreeze will blow around 20+knots (and can get to 30kts) from 2 pm until sunset. This occurs almost daily throughout the season, only separated only by high pressure which can kill the wind. WIND DIRECTIONS: SW, S, SE WINDIEST MONTHS: High season - November, December, January, February. Mid season - September, October, March.


‘The Pond’ is an area designated for experienced riders only. Beginners should ride on the ocean side of the sand bar. The risk of sharks is obviously not zero, but the attacks remain rare. If the beaches are closed, please obey and follow the warnings as sharks are sighted often around the WA coastline. *If you need kite related services like kite repairs, lessons or beach assistance please contact the local kite centres or camps. ** We always recommend seeking additional knowledge about the spot from local Kite School or qualified instructors.


Rider Level:
beginner, intermediate, advanced
freeride, foiling
Spot Type:
Flat to Choppy water; Ocean & Sheltered Bay
Launch area:
Windiest Months:
Jan, Feb, Mar, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec

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