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Situated at the westernmost part of Sicily, the Stagnone lagoon is located in an unspoilt nature reserve and is notoriously known for the shallow flat water, constant winds and year-long high temperatures. Due to the geographical position of the Isaba Lunga island hugging the coastline in front of the Marsala City, and other small islands located in between, this lagoon offers a perfect sanctuary for beginner kitesurfers and those wanting to improve their riding level or learn new tricks in safe flat water environment. The island of Sicily itself has a rich history and many places of natural beauty. Historical cities of Marsala, Trapani and the medieval mountain village of Erice nearby, will provide enough to see by day and experience the Italian nightlife and culture by night. Majority of the accommodations catering to the kitesurfers are dotted around the lagoon near the main kite centres. The surrounding vineyards, old manors and the famous salt fields; local Sicilian cuisine and wine; constant wind and flat water lagoon make this perfect European gateway for all kitesurfers. The nightlife around the lagoon only consist of the parties hosted by the centres, and for more action, you will need to head to the nearby city of Trapani. If you get tired of the wind, you can go wakeboarding near Palermo, visit the ‘salinas’ or explore mountain biking options nearby.

Good to know

VISAS: Generally not required for stays of up to 90 days; some nationalities will need a Schengen visa. More information can be found in this guide. CURRENCY: EUR PRICES: Beer: €1-2 Food: Lunch €3-10 Accommodation: €15-80 pp Kite Lessons: 6H €310 Kite Gear rental: €60 for a day LANGUAGE: Italian INTERNET: Wifi freely available TRAVEL ADVICE: If you want to explore the lagoon and Sicily further, a rental car is advisable. Check this Lonely Planet guide for detailed health and insurance advise while traveling to Marsala, Sicily. TEMPERATURE: The most popular and warmest season is from May to September, where due to the shallowness of the lagoon and the mild weather condition, you can kite in a rash vest or a short wetsuit. In the colder month, a wetsuit is recommended as the water temperature can drop to 15°C / 59 °F.

Getting there

NEAREST TOWN: Marsala or Trapani NEAREST CITY: Palermo NEAREST AIRPORT: Trapani Birgi [TPS] 10 min, Palermo International [PMO] 1h. Once at the airport, you will need to take a taxi, ask your accommodation provider to organise a reputable transfer or grab one at the airport. Most accommodations are at the beachfront or walking distance to the beach. GETTING AROUND: Taxis are cheap and readily available when needed. Alternatively, rent a bike from the kite centre or accommodation provider; for further exploring, rent a car from the airport.

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The sheer size of the lagoon offers many potential kite launch areas, mostly situated closer to the kite centres. Hard sand or grass water edge and soft, silt-covered bottom make this spot easily accessible and beginner friendly. The lagoon is not tide dependant, but the water level generally increases a little when the southerly winds push water into the lagoon. In other times the water level is quite shallow therefore perfect for practising freeride or freestyle, however not that good for hydrofoiling. Most of the kite lessons are held at the sandy-bottomed large meadow area closer to the beach, and the advanced riders are free to explore the rest of this 2,012he Lagoon and even venture beyond it and explore further small islands. AMENITIES: Kite School, Gear Rental, Beach Assistance, Gear Storage, Kite Shop, Cafe/Bar, Accom, Shower, Toilet, Parking.


Unique thermal wind conditions, created by the temperature difference between the cold open sea and the shallow lagoon, provides over 300 windy days per year and the warm Italian weather, makes this place great for all year kiting. The main wind direction is Mistral, which hits the kite lagoon from the North-West providing the butter flat water due to the position of the ‘salina’ wall (salt plains), while in other days you will get the warm Sirocco wind that comes from the South-East. The thermals winds are most reliable in autumn and spring, where the wind tends to get stronger, while the summers are warm and heating of the lagoon creates regular thermic wind perfect for 9-12m kites. WIND DIRECTIONS: N, NW, W, SW, S WINDIEST MONTHS: High Season: June, July, August, September. Mid Season: April, May, October.


There are no such rules, just a common sense - more advanced riders are expected to ride further out from the beach and allow space for the less advanced riders and students. Hazards - some parts of the lagoon can be shallow; muddy and silt covered bottom and some reeds, that can cause cuts or irritation on the skin. For beginners is recommended to kite in a wetsuit or surf leggings and booties. *If you need kite related service like kite repairs, lessons or beach assistance it is recommended to choose resorts that provide these services. ** It is always recommended to seek additional knowledge about the spot from local kite school or qualified instructors.


Rider Level:
beginner, intermediate, advanced
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Flat to Choppy water; Lagoon; Ocean
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Windiest Months:
Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct,

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Beginner sessions at Lo Stagnone

Marsala, Lo Stagnone, Sicily, Italy

Stayed at the Santa Mario Hotel in first week of Nov (19). At this time of year the whole area is extremely quiet. However the wind blew niceley for us for five out of seven days and Ileaned a lot. The lagoon is shallow and flat water - a perfect place to learn the sport. However, there are plenty of great kitesurfers of all abilities here - great for all levels. I am going again this Sept as I really enjoyed the chilled vibe of the place..

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Marsala, Lo Stagnone, Sicily, Italy

Eike Jahn
was there in June 2020

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