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Lanzarote is one of several of the Canary Islands just off the North West coast of Africa which offers epic surf and frequent wind mixed with scenic views and Spanish culture. With many international airlines offering cheap flights from all across Europe on a daily basis, it’s an easy trip to plan at a relatively low price. At the North West of Lanzarote, Famara beach stretches over five kilometres under the spectacularly scenic Los Riscos de Famara towards the small fishing and surfing town, Caleta de Famara. Famara is the primary kitespot on Lanzarote serving up the best conditions as its north facing beach is best suited to the predominant Los Alisios trade winds which provide excellent kiting conditions throughout the summer months for riders of all levels. Kitesurfing isn’t the only activity that Lanzarote is well known for; it is an island buzzing with activity. When you’re not kiting there is lots to do making it easy to tailor your trip to suit the agenda of any group of people. If you’re keen to stay on the water; Surfing lessons and rental can be found in Famara, and Kayaking and Diving can be organised across the island. For the days when you want to keep your feet on dry land; Lanzarote can be explored by trekking its many cliffs, beaches and volcanic landscape or by biking, visiting museums and touring vineyards.

Good to know

VISAS: Generally not required for stays of up to 90 days; some nationalities will need a Schengen visa. Contact a Spanish embassy or consulate before travel for more details. CURRENCY: EUR PRICES: Beer:€2-3 Food: Lunch: €5-20 Accommodation: €18-100 per night Kite Lessons: Approx €100 per 3hrs (per person in paired or group setting) Kite Gear rental: €65-75 per day LANGUAGE: Spanish INTERNET: Most accommodations provide free WiFi, for better internet connection buying a local SIM card, or European roaming capable SIM, is recommended. TRAVEL ADVICE: Rental cars are cheap on Lanzarote with the cost of 1 week rental of a small car being similar to the cost of a taxi leaving and returning to the airport.

Getting there

NEAREST TOWN: Famara & Teguise NEAREST CITY: Arrecife NEAREST AIRPORT Arrecife (ACE) AIRPORT TO FAMARA Driving: LZ-2 Towards Arrecife, then LZ-20, Then LZ-402 to Famara Taxi: €40 each way (Depending on car size and duration of stay, a rental car is generally the better option. Bus: Monday to Friday: Take the airport line 22 to reach the central bus station and once there the line number 20 to reach Caleta Famara Weekends: During the weekends the route is a little longer. Take the number 23 line at the airport to the central bus station. Once there take the No. 3 line to Costa Teguise Costa Teguise and from No. 3 line to Caleta Famara. GETTING AROUND: It is advisable to get a rental car so that you can explore more of the island. A small car for a week it approximately €70. If staying in Famara, the public end of the 3km beach is within walking distance but the kiting area is at the far end. A car will make it a lot easier to transport any equipment you need each day.

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Famara beach is not only a hotspot for kitesurfing, the beach is home to lots of surf schools and visiting surfers. Due to the beaches popularity, it has been zoned to separate kitesurfers and surfers. These zones can be seen on signs at the beach entrance at the edge of Caleta de Famara and in our Gallery below. Famara beach extends over 5km and the kitesurfing zone is at the North Eastern section of the beach. This area is most affected by tides and the beach becomes submerged at high tide. Kiting is recommended when there is a safe launching space available on the beach, though keen kitesurfers wanting to kite the high tide waves will be seen launching in between the curved stone wind shelters and small bushes in front of the carpark. Famara has a tidal difference of around 2m and the conditions change throughout each phase of the tide to provide for a variety of riding styles and levels. At low tide the beach is approximately 50m wide with low, less powerful, but steep waves breaking left and right at the outer section and the inner section providing wide sections of above knee depth flat water for freestyle and for beginners to get their first rides. As the tide rises the waves become taller. As a trend, the waves during summer are smaller and less consistent than the winter groundswells and may even produce ‘flatter’ days for kiting. Bigger swell days are still quite frequent with plenty to keep anyone who wants to strapless kitesurf entertained. WAVE CONDITIONS Break type: beach Wave direction: left- right Ideal wind: NE-E Ideal swell: NE-NW Ideal tide: mid to high Average water temps: 19°c – 22°c AMENITIES Kite School, Gear Rental, Rescue Jet-ski/LifeGuard, Kite Shop, Parking, Accommodation


Trade winds, called Los Alisios, blow from the North East across Lanzarote. The main windy season runs from March to August with it’s peak months, May to August, having wind from 12 to 35knots almost daily. Commonly used kite sizes range from 6m to 12m Winds blowing onto Famara are most typically Northerly and North Easterly blowing cross-onshore and cross shore. North Easterly winds are accelerated as they are channeled by the cliffs and can turn a slightly mediocre forecast into ideal conditions for a session. North Westerly winds are onshore at the kitesurfing end of the beach. From September to February, Lanzarote still has decent wind statistics that can make it a viable option for anyone after a short, last minute kite trip. During these months, Famara receives a larger groundswell producing great waves for anyone who likes to kitesurf and surf. A wetsuit is required year round. During the Summer the air temperature reaches towards an average of 27ºc while the water temperature ranges from 19-22ºc. A shorty 3:2 will suffice, or full length suit if preferred. From Autumn to Spring, when water and air temperatures cool, a 4:3 full length suit will be plenty to keep you warm. There is plenty of sunshine all year round, and the weather is warm, but a sweater and a pair of jeans will come in handy after sunset. WIND DIRECTIONS: NW, N, NE WINDIEST MONTHS: March, April, May, June, July, August


Famara beach has specific zones for surfing, kitesurfing and fishing. Kitesurfing is permitted at the North Eastern end of the beach. A sign marking the zones can be observed at the entrance to the beach near the edge of Caleta de Famara. The kitesurf area of the Famara beach has stones at its edge. High tide reaches the stones leaving no beach space to launch and land. Beach space is lost for 1hour either side of high tide. At high tide, advanced and local kiters may be seen launching within the area of bushes and stone ‘wind breaks’ directly in front of the car park. This is a hazardous area to launch. Winter kiting conditions have larger swells with waves up to 3m. Large wave conditions not suitable for beginners though the low tide conditions are more forgiving. Riptides are very strong. Famara is a permanent red flag, no swimming, beach. * If you need kite related service like kite repairs, lessons or beach assistance please contact with the locally operating kite centre or camp. ** We always recommend seeking for additional knowledge about the spot from local kite school and qualified instructors.


Rider Level:
beginner, intermediate, advanced
freeride, waveriding, foiling
Spot Type:
Beach, Open water, Small waves (Up to 1m), Medium Waves (Up to 2m), Large waves (Over 2m)
Launch area:
Windiest Months:
Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug,

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Great beach for all levels

Lanzarote, Famara, Canary Islands

Famara was great across a range of tide states. Had an awesome time riding strapless and also great kickers forming for twintip. Plenty to do if the wind is light with lots of surf schools in Caleta de Famara. The island is small so easy to travel around a visit so it is definitely worth taking a rental car for the stay.

Samina Laurinaityte
Camber Sands

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