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Tailor-made experience

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Essaouira is one of the world capitals of water sports (wind, waves, board sports), it is also a charming city full of history and cultural mixtures.

Located in a protected bay, the Essaouira spot is complete waterport experience. The city enjoys an unusually mild and stable climate, under the influence of trade winds. A bay protected from the sea swells. To the north, the long edges of planning; to the south, the waves for jumping and surfing.

Surfing is practised here all year round, thanks to the island of Mogador which protects it from large swells.

Windsurfing and kitesurfing are practised during the windiest periods, from March to September.

The gastronomy is very rich in Essaouira. As in all of  Morocco. Essaouira, however, has culinary specialities that other cities do not have. Thanks to the development of its port and its fisheries. Fish is omnipresent in local cuisine. The Souiri Tagine is specific to the city.

Essaouira Gliss City mainly emphasizes training, employability and access to sport for the greatest number with a view to professional and social integration but also personal education and development.


- Kitesurfing lessons and rental
- Windsurfing lessons and Rental
- Surf lessons and rental
- Shop
- Multi-activity days
- Kayak Rental

- Riad or in a small house in the heart of the Medina (Contact Us for details)
- Miramar Hotel: www.miramaressaouira.com


Group Kitesurfing Courses – 4 students per group:
15h (5 lessons x 3h) Beginner kitesurfing course €330
9h (3 lessons x 3h) Intermediate rider kitesurfing course €220
6h (2 lessons x 3h) Intermediate rider kitesurfing course €150

Private Kitesurfing Lessons – 1 students per 1 instructor:
21h (7 lessons x 3h) Beginner kitesurfing lesson €723
18h (6 lessons x 3h) Beginner kitesurfing lesson €640
15h (5 lessons x 3h) Beginner kitesurfing lesson €548

If you want to also learn Surfing or Windsurfing we can organise a custom package for you, so just get in touch.




  • Kitesurfing
  • SURF, Bodyboard & SUP
  • Windsurfing


Start kitesurfing!
The first hours consist of learning to fly a small wing to acquire the basics of autonomy (control of the wing) and the use of all its security systems.
Better, a pupil who leaves a training course with an excellent control of piloting of his wing even without knowing to slide perfectly and upwind and better than a pupil having succeeded in gliding without control of his wing.
Class schedules are regularly adjusted according to weather conditions and your availability.

SURF, Bodyboard & SUP

In Essaouira, you will discover virgin Morocco, its arched beach where sandbanks form which can offer pretty peaks when the swell is generous, the spot is accessible to all.
For true nature lovers; a “end of the world” as surfers like it, in Essaouira we practice surfing, body baord and SUP depending on the conditions of the moment.
An ideal site to learn and progress in complete safety in a magnificent setting and on various waves.


Essaouira in the land of wind and traditions.
The old Mogador with its souk, its port and its Gnaoua music festival has preserved its traditions and its charm inside its ramparts.
Since the 1980s, Essaouira has attracted artists but also, lovers of board sports. City of passion, the strong wind in summer makes Essaouira a Windsurf destination par excellence.

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